5 Best Electric Shavers for Men

There are two main types of electric shavers for men named: Foil and Rotary. These names originate from the manner in which they are designed and the same technology deployed in their creation determines the complexity of its performance.


The sensitivity of your skin together with your hair density will determine which technology of electric shaver is more suitable for your clean shave. Manual safety razors are slowly fading out of the market for men’s most preferred shavers. This fall has been brought about by the rising number of electric shavers, which are more efficient in saving time and providing a skin friendly shave.



  1. Braun 7790cc Pulsonic Shaver



This German shaver that uses innovative pulsonic shaving technology is the best rated electric shaver for men. Braun shavers are preferred for their contour shaving heads which allow skin friendly shaves on delicate parts such as under the nose. Pricing on this great electric shaver has been put at a competitive amount compared to the other brands in this top 5 list. This shaver is easy to clean with its automatic and waterproof cleaning system that leaves a fresh lemon scent. The Braun 7790cc Shaver is designed with three exciting Personalized Settings that are the normal, the extra sensitive, and the intensive personalized mode. These settings provide an optimal performance in various areas of the face and they suit all types of skin.


  1. Philips Norelco 1280X Senso Touch 3D



The Norelco 1280X Senso Touch 3Dis the second best electric shaver known for its innovations in the shaving technology. Norelco shavers are well known for their rotary shaving systems and the Senso Touch 3D has the best rotary system so far. There are 3 blades functioning independently in this electric shaver and provides a comfortable glide on the face. This shaver is best preferred for close shaves on the neck and jaw lines. Unlike the Braun shaver, the Norelco 1280x shaver is best suited for wet shaves. It is also designed in the most appealing design and is equipped with a cleaning system that makes it more reliable.


  1. Panasonic ESLV81K Arc



Ranked 3rd is the Panasonic Arc rechargeable shaver is the latest shaver to be produced in 2014. This Japanese brand uses a 5 blade shaving technology and delivers quicker shaves than the two leading brands although the blades inhibit the reach of tight delicate areas. This innovative shaver has a motor that makes up to 14,000 revolutions per minute and has become the world’s fastest electric shaver. There is very minimal noise produced by this best electric shaver for men even with the presence of foil. This highly priced shaver is suitable for both wet and dry shaves and is designed with an automatic cleaning and charging system.


  1. Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV



Another electric shaving brand considered to be the best electric razor for men is the Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV which was released in 2008. This former leader of similar lists to this one has continued to prove that it can give closer shaves with very few recorded irritations of the skin if any. The cutting system deployed in the ES8243A is made up of 2 inner blades and 4 outer foils. Designed to operate optimally at 13,000 rotations per minute, this Panasonic electric shaver still records great performance for both wet and dry shaving. This is undoubtedly one of the most trusted electric shavers ever produced by Panasonic and its price tag still attracts a large number of customers. This shaver is easy to use and has previously been best rated shaver making it truly powerful to remain in the top list 5 years later.


  1. Panasonic ESLA93K Arc IV



This is a 4-Blade shaver that makes 14,000 rotations per minute offering closer shaves in wet or dry shaving sessions. The ESLA93K is cheaper than the ESLV81K and it is equipped with an automatic cleaning system. This fifth best rated electric razor is waterproof meaning it cleans up without risk of short circuiting and provides best shaving experiences on wet conditions.


With the top 5 best electric shavers described above, it is important to note that these brands have been rated highest by users who have an experience or the other with a particular brand. Choosing the right electric shaver should involve a consideration of factors affecting your skin as well as the amount of facial hair you have and the exact positions they are concentrated in. The best way however to find out which electric shaver suits your long term needs will ultimately depend on your own experience; meaning it’s rather important to try out a brand based on reviews such as the ones above and eventually make a decision on what to settle with.

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